An instance of returning to life or consciousness.

I can relate to that definition, while I may be acting slightly dramatic by considering my life the past few months as a revival, but you get the picture.

Back in January, I jumped on the vision board band wagon and created my colorful and creative board of goals I set for myself.  While surprisingly a few of those I put on the board have actually happened, including being able to move into my very own bachelorette pad!

I spend many of moons and energy to create a home retreat that I felt complimented my personality and life.  Ask anyone who truly knows me in my life and they will attest to the fact that I do not play around when it comes to decorating and making a vision come to reality.  My ultimate goal for my new profound space was to not only represent who I am, but also look like it came straight off of a famous designer blog or HGTV (my jam).  My secret passion is home decor and interior design.  I consider it my hobby, and I have helped out several of my friends bring their own visions to life as well.

So then it dawned on me, blog about my apartment journey.  What better way to let people into my insane head of ideas as a act them out?

Lets start with my inspirational piece.  In my opinion, this is the best way to start creating your home vision.  For me it was my tuffed yellow ottoman.


I was OBSESSED when I first saw this online.  I watched it at 4 different sites for over a year and when the time finally came, I purchased it on sale with some ballin’ coupon codes.

{side note: if you don’t promo code search every time you shop online – you’re crazy}

So this is where I started.  My style has historically been eclectic, but with a designer twist.  Which is why i am dubbing my style as ‘Bohemian Glam.’

In this picture is a few of my obsession items – the carved wool rug (World Market) is another one, that I was dreaming about.  It was literally perfect for my vision.  I wanted detail, but a neutral color.  I am not a flower/paisley/traditional pattern lover, so this was perfect for me.  Just enough detail and when you catch World Market’s online rug caravan sales… you can get a great price.

Let’s talk about my had carved Made in India tray. I literally gasped when I saw this in HomeGoods. Two little facts about me: One,  I am always in HomeGoods.  ALWAYS.  One of my favorite things to do.  Two, If it’s made in India, I will more than likely burst with excitement and obsession.  That Passport to India brand that you always see in Marshall’s/TJM/HomeGoods is literally half of my decor.  Back to the tray – it’s huge, it’s got some weight to it, and it looks fabulous on the ottoman. I bought this tray before I bought the ottoman officially, but my brain works in remarkable ways in terms of visioning something I must say.   DSCN1079

On the tray I have various items, but that is for another post. On that note, if you are starting your decorating journey, I highly suggest you start with your own inspirational piece and watch the vision come to life.


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