Well…. what can I say? 2013 definitely went out with a bang for me.  And not a good one unfortunately.   It amazes me the way a person can manifest this image of themselves with attributes such as loyal, honest, straight-forward, and sincere.  And you – being the honest and loyal person that you are –  believe it all along, until one day… you abruptly get a drunken message at 5:42am on Facebook that totally contradicts all of the attributes you liked about that person from the beginning.  

Side Note: Facebook message? seriously? Since when in the hell is it acceptable for a grown adult to conduct personal matters over a social media site? What ever happened to facing your problems or concerns in real form – or if anything an effing phone call.  This is what is wrong with the world.  People can just delete people and pretend there was never any kind of personal bond… but anyways..

So, what lesson did I deserve to learn out of this I ask myself?  That’s the question that I have been pondering on for a good week and half.  I have been beating myself up over it, analyzing it, reliving it, playing the “what if” game… you name it, I’ve done it.  over and over.  I know typical girl stuff that leads men to believe that we are all crazy because we actually gave a damn.  

In my lovely Dear John Facebook message the re-occurring excuse I have heard before from this person was “I’m selfish.”  What the eff does that even mean?  At first it just made me angry.  Angry because it was a cop-out excuse equal to the “it’s not you, it me” bull that has been overplayed in the dating world for decades.  


But the thing that I have found out through my middle school break-up story is that selfishness makes people act like little children.  These selfish people want what they want when they want it.  and like small children, selfish people are egocentric.  They think the world revolves around them, and they are so blind that they can’t see how their actions affect others.  Or perhaps, they see it, but they can’t feel it.  Or they just don’t give a damn.  

Being a selfish person makes partnership impossible.  You can’t partner with a child, you can only take care of one.  




You can’t carry on a healthy partnership (relationship, friendship or any other kind of ship frankly) with someone if you can not respect them.  But hey, that’s what selfish people do; show a lack of respect for other people.  



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