Past Wisdom.

Man I come up with some great stuff.  I know that sounds incredibly presumptuous, however I sometimes look back in my old journals and remind myself of how I have had some great life lessons.  And how I really need to get started on writing this book of mine.  Not getting any younger…


So Back to my past wisdom.  I found this ‘note’ on my Facebook that I wrote a few years ago that had me smiling today – as well as relating to my few-years-ago-self.

Coming to you live from July 2010 and appropriately titled “Being on The Backburner..” 

So, every now and then I get these miraculous epiphanies of life realization that I feel compelled to share with the world…. Recent life events have made me realize a few things:

1. cheap vodka is never a good decision, but cheap sangria is the way to go

2. never go grocery shopping hungry because you’ll end up with oreos, brownies, and other crap

3. pay your bills before you go out of the country for over a month

4. anticipate being stuck in the airport for several days

5. because of #4 – carry extra money

6. always get a second opinion on car maintenance

7. never settle for being someone’s back-up…

number #7 is really important for this particular life epiphany. It only took me several years to realize this – and countless examples – but after some undisclosed complicated situations, I have come to the conclusion that I Rachel will be no one’s runner-up, second-hand man, back-up plan, rebound, or anything that puts me on the back burner. Its really an unpleasant situation that a lot of us seem to make constantly. and it’s really quite sad…ya know? I took a step back to observe myself today and then it dawned on me. why should I bend over backwards to try and make something work with someone who doesn’t give me the same in return? why should I always be the one who makes an effort to stitch the seams of this so-called bond, when all they are doing is using a glue stick for a cheap quick fix? why should I sit around and wait like an idiot just to turn around and have the replay button pressed… I’m tired. Now in my old age (haha) these little games are for the birds. I am an adult and don’t need this anymore.

What’s the saying? fool me once shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me….

Well I will say that i’m done being the person on the back burner – the one who will always be there. I think that it’s time for me to be someone’s first choice for once. So I will no longer be the one that you can run back too.

Those are still pretty relevant life events that I learned from – and may I add cheap anything to #1.. as you get older its hard to bounce back after a rather flashy memory of nights that involve cheap wine, cheap tequila, cheap rum.. whatever your flavor  – if it comes in a plastic bottle, don’t chance it. you’ll be like this guy


Nobody wants to be that guy.  #2… still true.  And working out gets harder people. get yourself in check NOW.  #3… solid advice, but I might add just pay them period.  #4 and #5… always expect the worst.  you’ll never be disappointed.  I’m telling you it might sound a bit pessimistic, but that little life antidote has worked well for me on several things.  #6… just find a reputable mechanic and stick with him.   I have learned my lesson on this one a time or two.  And finally #7… ahhh #7.  This little tidbit is something that even 3 years later I can relate too from time to time.  games are for children folks.  If you are into someone just go for it! They have feelings too, and no one wants to be someone’s second best (or third..fourth…fifth… girl… run fast.)  That blows.  There is only so much a person should tolerate, and being on the bottom of someone’s list shouldn’t be one of them.

So go forth with this great wisdom that I am sure you all have already known, just haven’t accepted or experienced (seriously… no liquor out of plastic bottles. put that Sailor Jack’s Rum down shawty).

As soon as I finish digging through all of my earlier notes, I will share more embarrassing/enlightening/idiotic  life lessons  I have learned.  =)

Carry On Now…


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