Future Implications.


Social media has matured and the  goal is no longer to just connect with people. People want to engage about topics they deeply care for or will improve their daily life. With social media on the rise in every day life,  advertising is increasing and taking new measures.  for example,  if you don’t own a dog then you don’t need coupons saving on pet food.  There is a fine line when buying advertisement space on social media platforms and promoting it to your audience in a non-invasive way.

In this blog the author discusses the top 6 trending predictions  that experts are saying are in store for the social media world:

Combining big data into useful applications
Rise of e-commerce
Mobility takes over
Change of engagement
Permission marketing
 Independent platforms combining information from  several  individual social media channels

The social media movement has definitely changed, especially with human behavior and ever-evolving technology.  Things that worked well in the past for social media such as engaging on a lower level by liking pages and getting an update on daily events is evolving too.  Users are expecting a higher value out of their engagement. Interest groups and applications that ease daily lives will progress.  Technology definitely plays a big part in this evolution. We can see examples of this today in ecommerce as they integrate social media functions. Now, companies have to make sure that they are providing valuable engagement applications and features that are suitable for mobile phones.

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Another great set of predictions was presented in this slideshare by We Are Social Singapore

I think that all of the predicted implications about the future of social media are definitely going to be as a result of our own human behavior.  Look how far we have came since the social media explosion a decade ago?  Absolutely changes in technology have a significant amount to do with the evolution of how we connect with one another.  I remember when I was in high school (yikes) and cellphones just became affordable – and the tinier the better too! When the camera phone came out, it was mind blowing people that you could send picture messages. Fast forward to present day, and most people do EVERYTHING on their cellphone – because it is more than that now.  It is a means of doing everything you can pretty much do on your computer – but with the connivence of fitting in your pocket.  If these predictions do come true, I for one am pretty pumped about my refrigerator knowing what I am out of and ordering it for me. That. Is. Awesome.


One thought on “Future Implications.

  1. Rachel, I’m so glad you included this Slideshare deck here. That was really enlightening. I was especially surprised in comparing the world map of social media penetration to the same map of mobile devices – amazing, and a clear sign of an incredibly important factor to consider when designing any social media and web-based marketing initiatives. Thanks! Jennifer

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