Your Life is Your Message To the World…

So… this week I have had some eye opening moments.  Some more disagreeable than others, that would have my favorite character Rachel from Friends say

Well isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?

That was a legitimately in the scrip, there is no way I could have come up with that one on my own.  On a side note, I can probably use a great deal of Friends quotes to relate stuff to in my life on a daily basis.

Like I was saying, this week has made me realize that life is too short for me to waste it sitting in an office building.  But by the looks of my Bucket List, I have set the bar high for myself and I have decided I need to add some more items to it.  Granted, the originals are epic, however I am not going to Egypt to walk like an Egyptian anytime soon.  To be quite honest, not really sure where I came up with that one.  Maybe because of this music video?!

Yeah, that might have had something to do with it.  Or because it would make for a really cool photo opportunity.  But never the less… I am officially contributing to my bucket list, and thought to myself, “what better way to contribute to my bucket list, than to get my fellow peers and friends to help me out?!”  So my personal Bucket List guide lines are as follows:

– Try to be different.  I know I have some generic “I want to jump out of a plane” items, but I am looking for some unique ones too.

– Something that will not cost me a million dollars to achieve.

– Anything that a great photo opportunity can arise is definitely a plus =)

So what should I add to my list?  And better yet, what would you add to your bucket list?  If you haven’t made one yet, I really suggest that you do! It’s great to see your goals scribed out on a piece of paper.  Don’t worry with enough determination (or failed buddy passes) you will achieve them one day.

3 thoughts on “Your Life is Your Message To the World…

  1. I just love reading your posts, they are always so fun. As far as what to put on your bucket list goes, it looks as you have listed a lot of things that you should be able to do at some point. One thing that I would like to do at some point, once I get house is I would like to foster shelter animals. I saw that you had volunteer on your list, but couldn’t make out what it said on the side. I think that being a foster parent for shelter animals be a good volunteer opportunity. Other things to consider would be take flying lessons. I think that might be fun and I don’t think that was on your list.

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