Rachel’s Bucket List for an Legendary Life Biography in 50 Years.

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.- Susan Sontag

So Many of you are probably wondering… what is on your bucket list Rachel?  As I have previously mentioned it is pretty awesome.  So it does me great pleasure to introduce… the list.

So here it is.  The list that my life will consist of the next 50 years.  Scribed out on a piece of notebook paper – of course to keep the authencation of a true bucket list.  I have managed to cross off three of those items within a year! it was pretty great. and a wonderful feeling to actually strike through those items.

So before I begin this 2 year journey I have set myself with, I will first go through what I have accomplished so far starting with Ride a Train.  Long story short, after my glorious month in Barcelona, and then my week or so spent in Germany, Italy, and London with my BFF, who’s grandparents lived in Germany and took us everywhere –  it was time for me to go home after being in Europe roughly 6 weeks.

I was fortunate enough to have a Delta Airlines buddy pass for my flights.  On a side note:  First Class on a 9 hour flight to Barcelona from Atlanta was superb..

But The flight home was a different story.  I ended up staying in the Frankfurt, Germany airport all day after my BFF scheduled flight left… her grandparent’s came back and got me, and then we tried again the next day.  Nothing. At that point I didn’t care if they sent me to Wyoming – just put me in the US.  I was not getting out anytime soon, so her Grandpa put me on a 5 hour train-ride  to Amsterdam for a better chance of getting a flight.   It wasn’t so bad, I had several other buddy-passers with me in the same boat so I considered it an adventure! And I got to add Holland, Poland, Switzerland, and Amsterdam to my official list of countries I have technically been too =)

And I got to cross off something on my Bucket List! Ride a Train…Check! 

Other thing I got to cross off in Europe has got to be one of my favorite things on my list. and the most surprising! One day my BFF’s grandparents were taking us to lunch, and since we were so close to Italy, they decided to drive us there.  We were under the impression that we were just going far enough in to say we have been but her grandpa kept driving.. We finally asked what city we were heading too, and he said so casually.. ” Oh we just thought it would be nice to have lunch in Venice” WHAT?!  I promise you all, I almost cried.

Go To Venice and Eat Pasta….Check!  Best bucket list check off to date!

My BFF Jennifer and I on the Venice waters!

The last item crossed off took me a good 5 years.. my degree.  I did everything on my own and wouldn’t change it for the world! It was a long and rewarding journey but I finally made it!

Get a Degree…Check!

So there you have it.  My bucket list, and what I have already accomplished.  I would say I am off to a pretty decent start, but It’s time to work on another item.  I am working on a few of those items already, which I will go into detail on the next post =) On that note, I will leave you with this…

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
– Anatole France

3 thoughts on “Rachel’s Bucket List for an Legendary Life Biography in 50 Years.

  1. I like your idea of a bucket list, I have one myself but have yet to actually sit down and write it out. I think I might have to do that at some point now. Your trip to Europe sounded like a lot of fun and I loved the story behind how managed to mark off “Ride a train”.

  2. Chica! I am going to make a list as well and i’m gonna help you check some things off as well. A lot of what you have on there is totally doable.

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