People Watching.

Do you ever sit back and just watch people and wonder why it is so fascinating?? If I could sit at an airport or the mall for a few hours I would be bound to find something entertaining.  There is something about trying to figure people out, what they are thinking, and what they were thinking when they put that on this morning isn’t there.  It is so easly to observe other people in their quests, but what about observing  the things, the people, or the situations in your life?  It is not that easy.

I guess because we sometimes find it extremely difficut to see the big picture of our own lives that we sometimes don’t use common sense or our own advice.  I have learned my lesson on a few things these past few months that if I had been watching myself in action I would be throwing flags left and right like an NFL ref.  It’s crazy how that works out.  Like, you know what you need to do in situations but you convince yourself that your situation is different and blah blah blah.  

Body Language is a fun factor in people watching too.  You can say a lot by the way you present yourself in situations.  A lot of people don’t realize that, but that’s what makes people watching fun for the rest of us.   The little things in life also makes a difference.  What you say or do to show you care is far more valuable then actual gifts.   That’s a life lesson that it takes most of us a while to learn. 

Song of the Day:

Avril Lavigne – Stop Standing There

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