As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You’ll have your heart broken and you’ll break others’ hearts. You’ll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you’ll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you’ve never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone’s hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don’t be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.

I didn’t say it, but I wish I did.  Very wise words from a person that obviously got life a little better than myself.  I guess some things are easier said than done right?? I’ve done a number of those things in this week alone, but sometimes it hard to stay on the road to sanity.  It is definitely a lot harder to be peaceful than dramatic for sure.

Drama is a funny thing.  we all hate it.  yet we love to talk about it, watch it, create it, write about it, express it, do everything with it.  The one thing we all claim to avoid, yet never really can get away from.

I guess life wouldn’t be as interesting without it – and neither would the movies.  High school would be dull and the News wouldn’t be as breaking.

For most people trying to avoid everyday life drama has you wishing for the shoulda-coulda-woulda’s.  the regrets of life that if you would have seen in coming, you might have done things differently.   Trust me, there are a lot of things I wish that I should have done differently-could have done instead of what I chose to do- would have done if I thought about it logically.  The funny thing is, you never can correct those things.  If we put half the energy that we spend on the Shoulda-Coulda-Wouldas into actually accepting and working through stuff, maybe we’d be better off.  Until then I’m stuck with my alleged wise life decisions I make on a daily basis and so are you.  Try to make the best of it I guess…

Song of the Day: For the First Time by The Script.  Love Love Love this song…especially this week.

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