Sometimes I fear that I have no direction in life.  I know.  Coming from an ambitious person – as I like to see myself as – that can be a bold statement.  Slightly ridiculous, but bold none the less.  I think the real problem is that I have so much that I want to do, that I can’t figure out where to start first.

That was just a little side note.

So, my life long dream is to write a book.  I have been working on this book for a good 5 years, as far as material goes.  Unfortunately I can not divulge too much information, but do know that it will be epic.

Moving on.

Still no J.O.B.   what happened to congratulations graduate, here’s your degree, full-time job with salary, and health benefits?  Wasn’t that supposed to be the plan?  Instead what do I have? A 40K piece of specialty paper that stares at me everyday wondering why I haven’t hung it up on a nice midtown office wall.  If it could talk that is.

Whoever said music was the window to the soul was a wise one.  If I had to pick one thing to be on a deserted island, it would be an infinite play-list.  Bring on the hammock.

When you get to a certain point in your life… you realize that a lot of things are over-rated.  Enough said.

Song of the Day:

Roll With It – Oasis.  That’s Right. Old School Stuff… man I miss the 90’s.


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