“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end….” And that’s what I have to live by this week.  As I am embarking on my final days as an official college kid, it’s kinda hard to think about it all ending and me entering that big girl world..  I had an interview today, and that really put things in perspective for me.  This is no joke and the idea of me working an 8:30 – 5  job is going to come hard… really hard.

What better time to graduate huh? the end of the year is a wrap-up of the life that has past, and the things you shoulda woulda coulda, and the promising resolutions of what you’re going to do next year.  It’s a time to cherish your loved ones, and spend time together.  It’s a time to celebrate and be grateful for what you have.  It’s a time to enjoy the little things in life life baking cupcakes and cookies with your kids.  It’s a time to  cozy up to a warm fire or that special someone and be together.  It’s that time to appreciate the things that you have accomplished and get excited about what lies ahead.

The finale.  El gran escena final.  Showcased with vibrant colors and hopes for what’s to come.  Lit up with fireworks and excitement.  The finale shouldn’t be sad, but a mere bitter-sweet moment of realization that you now have a  new beginning.  A new beginning that’s path will be filled with more life and more excitement and obstacles and challenges and moments that make you appreciate the little things.

Shape your paths and don’t settle.  Never say never until you try.  Shoot for the stars.   Whatever it takes,  just do it because you never know.  Here today, and gone tomorrow.

El gran escena final.

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