Idioms and Superstitions

So I have always wondered where people came up with things such as step on a crack, and break yo mama’s back.   There are several tons of idioms and superstitions and here we go:

  1. Never take a broom along when you move. Throw it out and buy a new one.
  2. Pictures of an elephant bring luck, but only if they face a door.
  3. To drop a fork means a man is coming to visit.
  4. A wish will come true if you make it while burning onions.
  5. If you use the same pencil to take a test that you used for studying for the test, the pencil will remember the answers.

Those are just a few that I have never heard of yet, interested me. My great-grandmother had all of these quirky superstitions  like sit the salt down before you pass it, don’t let your purse touch the floor, and everything happens in 3’s.  But as quirky as I think they all are, I still abide by them.  Funny how that works out.  Especially the purse one.

I found the explanation behind 11:11 make a wish too:

11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed into our cellular memory banks prior to our descent into matter which, when activated, signifies that our time of completion is near. This refers to the completion of duality. When the 11:11 appears to you, it is your wake-up call. A direct channel opens up between you and the Invisible. When this happens, it is time to reflect on whatever you are doing for a moment and Look Larger. A transfer is in position. You can enter the Greater Reality if you wish pray or meditate and seed your future and also, you can be seeded by the Invisible. You can ask for help in some specific area of your life or simply listen quietly and receive a revelation.

I can see how that works.  I get super stoked when I can make a wish, but in another search I also found out that your wish  will not come true if you wait for 11:11 to show up on a clock…. you know you do it too.

The one idiom that I can not find on the internet that my great-grand mother said is: You will hear from your true love if a red bird crosses you in flight – if left by day, and if right by night.  No lie, that has proven itself true in some incidents, but who is to really know….

Song of the Day: Superstition by Stevie Wonder….. I mean, hello?

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