When you hear Do you ever realize when you listen to a song it takes you back to this point in time in your life?  I’m sure there’s some scientific palabras that can define exactly what I’m talking about such as cognitive placement – if that’s even correct – but you get the idea.  But I’m sure we have all experienced this in one lifetime or another.

I’m on this serious Sex and the City series kick, and there was one episode that Carrie found an album by Stix and she immediately had a cognitve rewind moment to being 13 in a basement listening to this song and feeling free.

My personal favorite, when you try to make a song relate to your own personal life.  This works best when you are upset about something and you hear some song that has a few lyrics that coincide with your issues and then it becomes your anthem.  Then you start to play this song and sometimes belt it out when it comes on, even if it’s been 8 months since you were torn up  about it.  Yet the moment you hear it, it takes you back.

I’ll admit it, I do it to a lot of songs.  songs that especially relate to some distant ex-whatevers that have came and gone.  for example, there is this one suitor that I dated a year or two ago and I happened to tell him my most favorite song in the world – like future wedding song favorite.  Well one day while he was playing around on his guitar, he started playing my song.  It was so sweet considering it’s nothing you would have ever heard on a radio because it isn’t as well known.

Well fast forward to real time and several suitors that have came and went after him, this song plays on my playlist and I instantly get taken back to fall 2008 siting in my living room with friends while my then suitor starts to play my song…

Song of the Day:

I’ll reveal it.  My favorite song to date is Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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