Okay so maybe it’s been a while since I have posted, but things are quickly catching up to me.  I call this the blender affect.  We are just a few days into November and I just realized a few things: for starters, graduation is about a month away, therefore I am in full job searching swing right now.  I’m thinking completely new city? we’ll see.  Its also crunch time for school so a lot of papers and projects are due too.  Apparently the day after Halloween is not the official time to launch your Christmas decorations which is absurd I think. I mean what happened to Thanksgiving?  Here in Georgia we went from high 70’s low 80’s to straight up 50’s in a matter of a few days.  Got to love it.

So the point is that everything is if fine and dandy starting out and you know whats coming up.  But then someone turns on the blender and your life cocktail starts mixing and speeding up rapidly to you don’t know what’s what.  my blender has been on a steady mix, but most recently is has been turned on the whip mode.   Crunch time.

Sound of the Day, which is most appropriate I believe…. Beautiful Oblivion by Eve 6.


One thought on “Blender.

  1. Please keep me informed girlfriend, I don’t want to lose contact with you. You are such a precious soul, you will never know what you mean to me.

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