So my car got punched by a homeless man on crack in the middle of Friday night ATL traffic…. Not everyday you can say that sentence.  Caught your attention didn’t it?

Yep, sitting at a red light and this crazy dude that looked like Kid Rock and Carrot Top had a kid was walking and yelling in the middle of Peachtree and when he crossed my lane I tried to swerve and skim past him and then he rand and jumped in front of me shouting and pointing and then came at my driver window with his fist.  And then he punched my car.   Who does that?! Luckily I am a skilled enough driver to roll my window up lightening fast, swerve, and keep driving all with a Rock Star Drink in my hand.

well I am officially done – energy that is.  I have not seen my house in more than 48 straight hours until tonight….sigh.  But I have celebrated birthdays, engagements, and friendship all weekend so it’s cool.

best news ever?? Fall Break.  I don’t know who invented it or why, but it’s glorious and I can’t wait to sit on my tookus and do NOTHING.  I am really wanting to go camping, but I don’t know how that one is going to turn out.

Randomness is the theme of this post so I am going to go ahead and end with the Song of the Day: Bennie and the Jets by Elton John.

Google it.  great karaoke song, or just a song you sing by yourself blaring in the car with the windows down… personal experience?


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