Rock and Roll.

Oops. I missed yesterday, but in my defense, I was out and about until 1am with the radio station I work at.  We had an event yesterday with Alice and Chains at Lakewood.  Thank GOD the weather was awesome! Fall puts me in the best mood.  It wasn’t a bad crowd either, but some of the people are something else, but that’s what you get with rock and roll.  It never ceases to amaze me the drastic measures people go to prep for any concert.

First of all it was a Tuesday evening, and people are pre-gaming like 19-year-olds at a tailgate.  One chick had to be carried out…  And then you have your angry rockers – the ones who get crazy eyes when you tell them they can’t take their blanket into the venue.  My personal favorite are the Alambamian rockers… they are so devoted and I swear they’re the ones yelling Free Bird and telling me 20 minute stories about how they’ve been die-hard rockers since I was in diapers and it was 96 Rock.  There are many more rocker styles I can list, but the point is that Rock ‘n Roll fans are no joke.  They travel from near and far and are super band loyal.

SO, the SotD for yesterday is an old classic that makes you wanna grab your long-neck and karaoke – Back In Black by AC/DC… I just love the beat and energy.

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