A Stranger’s Influence

Okay so today marks a first for me.  I was at work trying on a sweater dress type thing and as I came out to model this to my boss…. some woman – whom I don’t know – told me straight up that it didn’t look so good on me and it “showed rolls”

OK.  What in the world do you say to that?? My boss was dumbfounded, but I – being the graceful person that I am took this strange woman’s unwelcome and extremely honest comment with caution and told her thank you for being honest.

So…. ten hours later I am still in shock.

The end result? totally gyming it up from now on til the end of time.

So SotD is Fergalicious by Fergie.  This picture needs no painting…haha.

I’m Fergalicious
(So delicious)
My body stay vicious
I be up in the gym
Just workin? on my fitness

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