Feeling Inspired…

New Blog. New Semester.  New Beginnings.

I am officially done with all of the tedious tasks of college life for good! well I say that, but Grad school is looking up.  That’s right, no more bookstore battles, textbooks that cost more than my car, registration woes, class seeking day for me my friends, I’m moving up and out! Yeah sure it’s a little early for the graduation count-down considering I’m barely into my first month – but when you’ve slaved away for half a decade…. countdowns to the light at the end of the tunnel are necessary.

The real excitement is that I am on the brink of becoming a legit career woman! I have researched and probed through the web for all kinds of things.  I decided it best that I develop a blog for the new career Rachel.  That way I can highlight all of my progress leading up to G-day – and everything in between.

So, what I am working on now is getting everything in order – resumes. job prospects. internships. grad schools. etc.  I have even spiffed up my social networking skills…

I mean, I am a communications professional and all…keep reading for more memoirs =)

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